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Hinoki Magnum scented candle
Product shot of front view of exterior candle box in pink with black text and Boy Smells logo.
Editorial aerial shot of Hinoki Fantome Standard and Hinoki Fantome Magnum Candles. Hinoki Fantome Magnum is featured on the left with 3 wicks and Hinoki Fantome standard is featured on the right with one wick. Both candles are against a neutral background.
Editorial shot of Hinoki fantome standard and hinoki fantome magnum on metal bases with wood in the background surrounded by smoke against an orange sunset.
Editorial shot of Hinoki Fantome candle lit on a log covered in sap and snails surrounded by smoke against an orange sunset background.
Editorial shot of a log with bark surrounded by smoke dimly lit against an orange sunset.
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Meditation of sacred woods + smoked resins.

The resinous combination of sacred Japanese cypress and jasmine petals are uniquely wrapped in rich amber glow. Warm and meditative with an element of earthy spice and soft woodland moss.  Best described as complex, balanced, and meditative, studies note hinoki's vibrant timber can induce physiological relaxation. A best seller and absolute year-round necessity to invigorate the senses.

black pepper cardamon moss williams pear
fir balsam vetiver cypriol musk
olibanum jasmine wolfwood resin

Made of coconut and beeswax blend with three braided cotton wicks, in glossy black glass tumbler. Comes in embossed matte pink carton. All magnum sized candles are 27 ounces (765g). 4.75 inches (12cm) tall. Roughly 110 hour burn time.

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