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Memorial Sale Terms + Conditions

Valid until 5/27/24 at 11:59 pm pst. Discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Discount only valid on candles from the following landing page: https://boysmells.com/collections/memorial-day-sale. Cannot be combined with any offers or discounts.

Product Queries

Do you use paraffin in your candles? No, there is no paraffin wax in our wax blend. Our wax formulation is all-natural.

What kind of wicks do you use? We use non-bleached lead-free cotton wicks for our candles.

How can I maximize my burn hours? All of our candles do not need to be trimmed on the first light; if the wick appears to be too long, only trim half of its size. You want a relatively average size flame on your first burn, and the burn time should roughly be 3-5 hours; always monitor your candle during lighting sessions, and always place your candle on top of a heat resistance area.

When do I trim my wick? After you have gone through the first burn, ensuring that the top layer of wax melts edge to edge, and the wax has hardened, on your second lighting and all future lightings we recommend trimming your wick with a Wick Trimmer down to 1/4”, no less. 

How do I know when my candle is finished? Once your candle reaches about 1/2” of remaining wax, it is time to discontinue use. Burning a candle with little to no wax left is not recommended.

What can I do with my empty glass jar? We strongly advise you to up-cycle your glass. A helpful tip to get out the remaining wax is to leave it in the freezer for over 24 hours, and said wax should pop out with a good smack on its glass bum. Clean away any leftover wax residue with light soap and water. Now you got yourself a pretty glass cup to store pens, makeup tools, or even place a mini succulent in it.

All candle glass vessels (except from the Hypernature Collection) are food safe and can be used as beverage tumblers (after being cleaned), but recommended to be hand washed and not placed in a dishwasher. Certain limited edition candles, including Hypernature Collection are not recommended as drinking cups, but can still be used for anything else, i.e. succulents, storing pens, makeup tools, etc.

How can I sample your candles before purchasing?  We do not have a scratch-n-sniff option for you just yet, but we recommend going to a major retailer like Nordstrom or Bloomingdales to get your preview sniff. We do offer free exchanges for all orders as long as the candle has not been lit and is still in sellable condition. 

How can I sample your fine fragrance? We currently have the Exploratory Set that is available for all customers to preview before committing to a full size bottle.

What are the Unmentionables made from? Unmentionables are made from 90% Pima cotton and 10% elastane.  This fabric was developed from scratch to hug your body in all the right ways, giving the ideal blend of suppleness and support.  The elastics used have been double-brushed for maximum comfort.  

How do I take care of my Unmentionable? Machine wash on cold/delicate and tumble dry on low/delicate for best results.

Where are your products made? Our candles and fine fragrance are manufactured here in the United States. Our unmentionables are made in Peru, where Pima Cotton is exclusively created. 


I forgot to add my discount! We have been there before — simply email us at yourorder@boysmells.com and we are happy to retroactively apply that in our backend.

How can I update my shipping address? If you need to make a change to the shipping address, please immediately email yourorder@boysmells.com with your order number and correct shipping address. We cannot be held liable for incorrectly entered shipping addresses but will do our best to make this update as timely as possible.

How can I modify my order? If you made the wrong choice regarding an item, we aren’t able to edit orders once they are placed. We would need to cancel and ask you to replace the order. Email us at yourorder@boysmells.com if that is the case.

This is a gift, can I leave a message? Gift messages are in development. In the meantime, all of our orders are treated as gifts as each package does not contain any type of receipt or pricing indication, and they are wrapped up nicely. We do recommend letting your gift recipient know to expect a package since there is no packing list included.



How long does it take to get an order processed? Our processing times average between 1-2 business days, and up to 3 during any holiday period. Once an order is ready to ship, confirmation emails containing tracking information are immediately sent. We ask to allow 24 hours for the tracking information to update. 

Where do you ship from? We currently ship from Valencia, California. The land of Six Flags Magic Mountain and distribution centers. 



How long are transit times? Transit time varies based on your delivery address. Typically orders take between 5-7 business days to arrive within the continental US. If your order is shipping with UPS Surepost, please add 2 additional business days to the transit time as both carriers may make a transfer to USPS to complete the final stretch of delivery. 

For international orders shipping with Passport, transit times average between 8-14 days depending on your final destination.

Where is my package — there are no updates? Most carriers need about 48 hours to continuously update the tracking information on the tracking page. Most times packages are just backlog from station to station, and are waiting to be received to make their next move.

If more than 1 full week goes by from the last known scan date without an update to your tracking, please reach out to yourorder@boysmells.com with your order number and we can take a further look into this.

Can I reroute my package? Once a package receives tracking information, it is no longer within our control. If a package is heading to a destination that you will not be able to receive safely, we advise contacting a friend or relative to receive your package safely. If the carrier is not able to make a safe delivery, in most cases the package will be returned to the sender. Should this happen we are able to refund the order, but not the shipping fee if any was paid for. Please email yourorder@boysmells.com for more information.

My package says it was delivered, yet I don’t have it! Some carriers prematurely mark a package delivered, or make the mistake by dropping it off at a neighbor or across the street. Most times carriers need about 48 hours to fix their mistake. We ask to allow sometime for the package to possibly show up late, despite the information on the tracking page. If more than 1 week goes by, please email us at yourorder@boysmells.com and we will help you out from there.


Returns + Exchanges

How long do I have to make a return? From the delivery date of the package, you have 30 days to make an exchange or return. All products must be in an unused condition, sellable appearance, and unopened if seals are presented. You must email us at yourorder@boysmells.com to obtain a return authorization number in order to return. You are welcome to use the same shipper box as long as the items are safely packaged for your return.

Do you provide return labels? If you wish to be supplied with a return label, the return shipping fee will need to be deducted from your total refund. ICYMI — We offer free exchanges!

How can I do an exchange? We offer free exchanges within 30 days as long as the same requirements for returns are met, you may email us at yourorder@boysmells.com to obtain the return authorization number and a free shipping label. We ask customer to print this label on their own, and to make the return within 14 days of receiving their return authorization number (RA#). You are welcome to use the same shipper box as long as the items are safely packaged.

What should I exchange for? If you are unsure what to exchange for, we offer recommendations based on similar previous purchases or personal scent profile. Don’t be shy to ask for assistance, we are more than happy to recommend a scent. If you need more time, we can also issue online credit for you to use at any given time. 

What if the item I want to exchange for is more/less? If you owe a difference, we are happy to invoice you digitally, from there it will process like a normal online order. If there is anything due back, we will credit the difference to the original payment form.

What is considered a final sale item? All items that have been used, i.e. candles that have been lit, fragrances with seals on box opened, and unmentionables that have been tried on, are considered final sale. All E-Gift cards, Fine Fragrance Experience Set, and the Exploratory Set are also final sale. 

I purchased a bundle of candles but I don’t like one of them. What can I do? We offer bundles to allow our customers to take advantage of bulk savings, so unfortunately if you are unhappy with one of the candles in your bundle and wish to exchange it you will be forfeiting your discount for your exchanged item. 

Can I return in person anywhere? All returns are to be sent back via courier to our online distribution center. We do not accept returns of purchases made outside of our direct online site. If you have a unique product discrepancy, please email us at yourorder@boysmells.com for further assistance.


Damages or Missing Stuff

My candle(s) arrived damaged, help! Sometimes these things happen when carriers mishandle our packages. Please email us your unboxing experience with a couple of photos and send to yourorder@boysmells.com and then safely discard the broken merchandise. We can issue a one-time replacement free of charge.

My order was received with the wrong items, help! In rare instances we make these mistakes during fulfillment, so we are terribly sorry—we’re only human! Please email us your unboxing experience with a couple of photos and send to yourorder@boysmells.com and we will fix our mistake.

My Exploratory Set has a broken vial, help. Another rare instance, but we are happy to send out a replacement sample for the broken sample vial. Please email us a photo and your order number at yourorder@boysmells.com to get started.



How can I set up a wholesale account? We appreciate all clients who are eager to carry our line of products. For more information in setting up a wholesale account, please reach out to sales@boysmells.com.


Corporate Gifting

How can I place a large one-time order (for wedding or corporate gifting)? We love spreading the good word of scent, so please direct your inquiry to query@boysmells.com with more information and we will see what we can do for you!


Press + Media

Who can we get in touch with in regards to press, influencer programs, giveaways, and/or collaborations? For all partnerships, please get in touch with public.relations@boysmells.com.