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Product shot of front view Ash Magnum in black glossy vessel with pink label against neutral background.
Product shot of front view of exterior candle box in pink with black text Magnum and Boy Smells logo.
Editorial aerial shot of Ash Standard and Ash Magnum Candles. Ash Magnum is featured on the left with 3 wicks and Ash standard is featured on the right with one wick. Both candles are against a neutral background.
Editorial shot of Ash Magnum  against a pink forest background. The candle is sitting on top of a smoking log freshly extinguished with a small flame coming out from the top of the candle.
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Smoking hay + palo santo after the fire's gone out.

Sometimes you have to burn everything down to start new. Notes of dry hay and black charcoal permeate rare woods.  A lingering accord of lemon peal and charred clove add brighter tannins to the top of the scent.  A minimal smoke note runs through the entire the body of the scent, reminding us of the circular nature of renewal.

lemon clove leaf hay
smoked amyris guaiacwood fractionated patchouli
clearwood vetiver palo santo musk

Made of coconut and beeswax with three braided cotton wicks, in glossy black glass tumbler.  Comes in embossed matte pink carton.  All magnum sized candles are 27 ounces (765g). 4.75 inches (12cm) tall. Roughly 110 hour burn time.

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