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The Joys of Indulgence — Our Q+A with Pride Luminary Leyna Bloom

This year's PRIDE Luminary for the Rosalita candle is Leyna Bloom (she/her). Leyna is an American actor (appearing in the final season of FX's Pose as Pretentia Khan), model and activist. She became the first openly transgender model of color to be featured in Vogue India, using her newfound platform to spread the message of diversity and inclusivity.

LEYNA BLOOM by Santiago Sierra Soler.

ON ROSALITA — "Rosalita smells like meow, meow, meow, meow. I just love it because it's pussy, for real. It reminds me of a kiss on the neck, a soft slow-mo kiss on the lips." — LEYNA

LEYNA in a ROSALITA haze. Shot by Santiago Sierra Soler.

"Being queer in 2021 means infinity and beyond. And then some." 

What’s your favorite sinful activity?

A favorite sinful activity? I'm being sinful right now, with all this glow. I think it's a sin to look this good. Especially in 2021.

What do you smell like?

I smell like Rosalita pussy. Period.

When do you feel your most radiant?

I feel my most radiant after I take a tequila shot. Also, I feel the most radiant when I walk into spaces and when I look around and there's people in the room, souls in the room, that just showed up. You know, we gotta just show up for each other. We just gotta come correct, come and represent and just be a collective of powerful energy. I think that is the most radiant thing I've ever seen and felt in my life.

What does community mean to you?

Community is being chosen by the chosen, because it's a gift that keeps on giving.

Who do you fight for — what’s your agenda?

I fight for every breath in my body. I fight for people to just wake up and know that everything that they want and need and live for is living inside them — they just have to open the door.
Visibility to me is when I look around a room and every single person comes from a different place in the world and they showed up in that moment to show everyone that they deserve to be there.

What do you love to indulge in?

Indulgence is the right size! I love to indulge in a really, really good conversation.

What does PRIDE feel like? What does it smell like?

Pride is yesterday, today and tomorrow and forever.

What does pride mean to me? It means that the person inside is speaking, the person inside is allowed to dream, the person inside is allowed to just breathe. That's what pride means to me.

I am proud of the idea that everything I wanted and dreamed about is coming full circle and it's aligning with all the right people and we're all just doing what the fuck we came here to do.

My dream is to always be that bitch and show other people how to be that bitch. I think that's — that's a fucking amazing dream, period. Living that dream, speaking that dream and just keep dreaming that dream.

What is comfort to you? When do you feel you're most at ease?

Comfort is a beautiful smile. When you look at someone and they are smiling — it's warm inside because you know that they're doing it from the core.I don't slow down, I just catch up. I find the most ease when I'm taking a bubble path past 30 minutes. I think it's sickening to just lay in a tub and let mother nature hug you.

This exotic floral is equal parts sin and innocence. Daring and alluring, moody and slightly sweet, notes of cassis mix with intoxicating amber to further contribute to an already-addictive scent

Pride Rosalita


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June 22, 2021

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