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Product shot of 5 candles against a neutral background. From left to right Fleurshadow is in a metallic pink vessel with a purple label and black text. Polyamberous is in a yellow metallic vessel with an orange label and black text. Neopeche is in an orange metallic vessel with a purple label and black text. Rhubarb Smoke is in a purple metallic vessel with a gray label and black text. Agua De Jardin in a metallic green vessel and black text.
Product shot of 5 boxes with the boy smells logo. From left to right the first box is pink with a metallic pink logo, the next is yellow with a metallic yellow logo, the bottom left is purple with an orange logo, the center is orange with a metallic purple logo, and the right is green with a metallic green logo against a neutral background.
Editorial shot of the 5 metallic candles against a pink background surrounded by metallic flowers, all the candles are lit and sit upon a reflective table.
Boy Smells


Regular price $198
Experience the complete HYPERNATURE range and save 10% with a bundle of all 5 full-sized candles, a Boy Smells Online Exclusive. Transport yourself to a kaleidoscopic scented multiverse where the beauty of nature is amplified by the power of science. $220 value.

This bundle contains the following —

FLEURSHADOW   incense, wild geranium, rose absolute, violet headspace, patchouli, labdanum and benzoin

NEOPÊCHE   ultraviolet, pink peppercorn, rose, mandarin, peach flesh, amber and oakmoss

RHUBARB SMOKE   incense, rhubarb, violet leaves, black tea, birch, smoked papyrus, and tanned leather

AGUA DE JARDÍN   pimento berry, coconut water, jasmine, fig leaves, macadamia nut, ambrox and salted musks

POLYAMBEROUS   cardamom, geranium, tobacco flower, pistachio, patchouli fraction, beeswax and tonka bean

5 individual candles made of all natural white coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick, in metallic glass tumbler with label. Each comes in embossed matte color coordinated carton with labels. Each one is 8.5 ounces (240g). 3.4 inches (8.6cm) tall and has roughly a 50 hour burn time.

These candles won't self-care themselves. Learn about candle care here.

This ships free within the USA. Also free? Exchanges for USA customers in the contiguous 48 states. Check our policy for more details.

  • Parklife scented candle green with a grey background


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  • Image shot Agua de Jardin in green metallic glass vessel with green label.



  • Product shot of Rhubarb smoke in a metallic purple vessel with a white label and black text against a neutral background.


    Best seller


  • Fleur shadow scented candle pink with a grey background


    Best seller


  • Product shot of Polyamberous is in a yellow metallic vessel with an orange label and black text


    Best seller


  • Neopeche orange shade scented candle with a grey background



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