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VIOLET ENDS — The Modern Mythology of Kali


Inspired by the legend of the Hindu goddess Kali, Violet Ends is our rambunctious appeal to no-holds-barred bravery. One spritz and the wearer feels a new resolve, empowered to move on from anything that doesn't serve them. Sometimes we have to dispose of toxic relationships, especially the ones we might have with ourselves, to forge ahead with newfound purpose.

The goddess of time, doomsday and death in Hinduism, Kali is also a Mother of the Universe. Often mistaken for a force of darkness herself, Kali transcends our binary understanding of good versus evil. Her relationship to death and destruction is a surprisingly fruitful one: she brings about ego death to reinforce our awareness of the body as a temporary condition. This finitude is in itself a form of freedom, a connective tissue to our liberated spiritual selves. Her influence begets decisive action; destruction is good when it means room to grow.

If we take Kali as our guide, then consider Violet Ends a fragrant means to fearless self-discovery. Sumptuous violet lingers around smoky notes of divine papyrus and steam distilled accords of birch, delicately wrapped in raw tobacco leaves and solvent extracted orris
— one of the most expensive and luxurious ingredients in perfumery.

A heady blend of flourishing violet and rhubarb lends the fragrance its signature, a heart that marches to the beat of its own rhapsodic drum. The top of the fragrance sparkles with bite due to the cold pressed Calabrian Bergamot, while the base is rooted in a unique Indonesia Patchouli derived from a fractionated process that leaves only the highest quality parts of the plant. Every ending is a new beginning: when one door closes, another one opens. Take the first step with Violet Ends.

Things must break in order to grow — scent accordingly.



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