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VINCINT, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, is the queer pop star we have been waiting for.  His songs of growth in joy and pain reflect his own journey of life and self-discovery.  Rising to notoriety since his debut EP “The Feeling” was released this year, he has gone on to a proper breakthrough with an array of cuts drenched in an emotional pop spectrum.  As the luminary for Cameo, and the mantra of Kindness Crusader, he sits down with us to chat about using kindness and inclusivity in his work.

For Pride, each Boy Smells candle represents a specific value of the queer community, and we have collaborated with individuals such as yourself to be luminaries for each of them.  You are the luminary the Cameo candle, which stands for the value of kindness. What drew you to partner with Boy Smells during PRIDE? And What importance does kindness have for you and in the queer community?

I love the idea of being able to set a mood in my home and candles are a big part of it. Seeing the vibe that Boy Smells sets made me want to partner! Kindness is everything; we're already an ostracized community so making sure that I spread kindness in everything is what I do, because also it is respect for someone, and everyone deserves to feel safe and loved. 

Do you feel more motivated to use your voice for positive change?

Always. It’s imperative that I speak out positively in the world as someone people look up to and admire I think it would be a disservice to who I am and what I stand for if I didn’t.

How has your journey as an artist versus your own personal journey been different and/or similar?

It’s all one for me! I’m an artist everyday in everything I do and my music speaks to that! I try my best to separate the two when I can, but it hasn’t always proven to be the easiest, haha.

Does music have the power to cultivate inclusivity? Have you seen shifts towards diversity in sexuality, gender, and race since you started your career?

Music has the power to cultivate anything and inclusivity is a given! Music has stopped wars and ended standoffs, it has the power to change the mind and the heart. I see it everyday when artist that are queer, transgender, gay and gender non-conforming being given platforms and opportunities we weren’t in the past! Things are changing, audiences are changing, and music is at the forefront of that, I believe. 

Who were the people that inspired you to become the authentic artist you are today

I’ve always loved the divas! Whitney, Mariah and Céline! Then being introduced to artist like Beyoncé and Robyn and Björk changed me completely; these women presented themselves with such power and grace, but also a fire that was completely there’s and self confident and it made me believe I could be great as well as being myself while doing it!

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