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TANTRUM — The Modern Mythology of Pandora

Defiance is a thing of beauty.

Tantrum is loud, proud, and ready to stand out in a crowd. Our retelling of the Greek myth of Pandora, Tantrum is an evolved scent attuned to bold frequencies. This fragrance is for the wearer who uses their voice to challenge the status quo and question what is right. It’s a scent that empowers the wearer to speak their truth and love themselves while doing it.

The first human woman, Pandora’s curiosity begets the downfall of humanity at the hand of a hot-headed Zeus. As every subsequent human woman can attest, while this allegory is interpreted as a cautionary tale against self-indulgence, the real moral of the story is that the patriarchy will do anything to villainize your agency. Boy Smells believes in rocking—or maybe capsizing, if need be—the boat, and creating a resilient democratic forum for addressing structural inequities. More knowledge is the solution to the ills of the world, not the cause.

To that end, Tantrum is a vibrant cocktail of demanding green and black peppercorn, infused with splintering textures of cedar and vetiver. The scent eases into your senses with generous strokes of orris, the fragrant rootstock of an iris, punctured with heady sandalwood. The strength of Tantrum’s voice is derived in part from the robust bergamot used in the top notes. This particular green Italian citrus is harvested from a five-generations held Calabrian estate situated along the beautiful Ionian coast, and contrasted with dry, smoky notes of vetiver from a Fair Trade-certified farming program in Haiti.

An accord of base notes including Cedarwood Virginia, which in fact comes from Texas, is refined in a nearly six-hour master distillation process that’s one of the most sustainable on earth. Mature trees of at least sixty years of age are cut and collected by hand, with no damage to the surrounding environment, allowing younger generations to prosper unharmed. Because what good is all that strength if you don’t share the wealth?

Defiance is a thing of beauty—scent accordingly.



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