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SUEDE PONY — The Modern Mythology of Valkyrie


Suede Pony is our olfactory reframing of the legend of the Valkyrie, female warriors who've mastered fate. A mix of moody sophistication and optimistic irreverence, this scent is all about blazing your own trail in life. Sometimes, you have to be your own lone stallion.

In Norse mythology, the Valkyries are a group of chosen beings associated with fairness as much as bloodshed, messengers of the god Odin who descend onto battlefields on the backs of winged horses to determine who amongst the slain might be worthy of a place in the great hall of Valhalla. Outsourcing clean up to women—et tu, Odin? In spite of their war-weary personas, the Valkyries remain an enlightened bunch of bad ass ladies who ride for honor, wisdom, generosity and justice, never shying away from crusading for their own truth.

In that vein, we invite you to break from the pack with Suede Pony, a fragrant rendering of the Valkyries’ righteous battle cry. (Helmet and spear optional.) Rebellious notes of velvety soft suede and brushed leather are laid upon a palette of hazelnut and golden amber, while distilled Guatemalan cardamom and Sri Lankan cinnamon punch up this otherwise grounded scent.

Rarefied notes of Indonesian patchouli form the base of the fragrance, isolated and surfaced through a specialized process of fractionation. Echoes of resinous Spanish labdanum rise to meet it with rich amber overtones, resulting in an ambiguously floral effect that will leave you shrouded in mystery and lingering in spirit long after you’ve fled the scene.

Be your own ride or die—scent accordingly.



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