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ROSE LOAD — The Modern Mythology of Narcissus


Rose Load is our reimagining of the myth of Narcissus, who died lost in his own impossibly beautiful reflection. With so many societal standards around beauty, gender and identity, how do we re-learn to love ourselves after centuries of being told it is wrong: indulgent, insensitive, and out of touch? In this spirit comes Rose Load, a scent shimmering with deep admiration and self-sensuality.

A hunter renowned for his dashing good looks, Narcissus’s pride leads him off the deep end — both figuratively and literally. Led to a pool by the vengeful goddess Nemesis, Narcissus becomes entranced by his own reflection and forsakes food and water, unable to avert his eyes, even for a second. He slips into melancholy and accepts his fate, believing death to be sweeter than a life marked by heartache and unrequited love.

We see you, perils of vanity — but a dash of Rose Load can help reorient the reader around the moral of this story. Self-love elevates us all, because if you can’t love know how it goes.

We see pride and self-love as tools in our arsenal for free-flow compassion, with Rose Load a fragrant flame to follow down the path of truth.

The scent is a seductive love letter to the self, with a generous dousing of Damascan Rose Absolute, a solvent extracted rose from Turkey, harvested in early summer. Textures of this scent come alive with Madagascan Pink Peppercorn, Guatemalan Cardamom, and steam-distilled Indian Papyrus. Lite touches of exuberance are found in the top notes of cold-pressed Italian Pomelo, Raspberry Leaf and Rhubarb, bringing vitality, while woodier notes of steamed Caledonian Sandalwood keep you and this scent grounded. Loving yourself never smelled so good.

Pride is a beautiful thing — scent accordingly.



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