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The Genderful Universe of Boy Smells

What is GENDERFUL?  BOY SMELLS argues it’s the WORLD we’re living in, at least when we’re talking to those who still believe in bi·nar·ies.  It’s a gag to ask what GENDERFUL isn’t—what it refutes, upends and overturns: modes of thinking, now demode; rules for self-presentation, now set out to pasture.  But, we live in all that genderful IS: sensuous, accessible and bright: our fertile space of boundless identity.  It’s a pro-multiplicity manifesto about individuality that sees life as a never ending reveal party where nobody gets hurt. (Unless you’ve already agreed on a safe word.)

As opposed to genderless, it is not a blank slate, or even a clean slate—genderful is the big box of crayons, that jumbo set you were always tempted to eat as a kid.

It’s the sumptuous spectrum of your identity mixology, unlocked and on tap.

Harness your power where you find it, damn what other people might think. It is a reflection of our COMMUNITY, from the bold women and femmes taking up the patriachal space, to the members of our vibrant queer family; anyone who’s ever felt not fully seen.

We are proud agents of change in a world that stans the status quo.  With a mix of masculine and feminine scent notes, Boy Smells encourages the wearer to nurture those dualities within, always in a fluid adventure, never idling in static states. 

Genderful is permission to make the rules for yourself.

Boy Smells was conceived in EXCESS of the two-party gender regime. Our products facilitate your journey to self-fulfillment, ritualizing self-love through multiple avenues of self-expression. Boy Smells is fluent in FEMININITY as much as MASCULINITY, packaged in floral pink but rooted in vetiver musks; a mix of traditionally masc and femme scent notes that celebrate full-spectrum of gender inside us all. 

We are running (the business) in heels and we hope that you’ll JOIN US.

Identity is a daily ritual—SCENT ACCORDINGLY.



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