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FLOR DE LA VIRGEN — The Modern Mythology of Hermaphroditus

Distilled from the myth of Hermaphroditus, Flor de la Virgen is our olfactory marriage of the masculine and feminine scent — butch, femme, and eager to blend.

An ode to harnessing your power from wherever you find it, Flor de la Virgen is a bright and energetic paean to both ends of the expression spectrum, a fragrance that confronts propriety with broad-spectrum divinity. Other people’s expectations are often at odds with our most authentic selves; only by untethering our identities from the rules of normative society can we create space for our true natures to blossom.

The story of Hermaphroditus is v relatable — a male god and female naiad who became one being in order to stay together forever. Often characterized as the OG androgyne and summarily cast as an outsider, this is a pretty great metaphor for the spectrum of masculine and feminine power that Boy Smells invokes in Flor de la Virgen. Our virgin state is the complex embrace of these dual truths, the place from which we can flourish and, following in the footsteps of Hermaphroditus, outlast our haters. It is always better to embrace boundlessness than try in vain to meet the arbitrary expectations of others. Like Hermaphroditus, this scent proves the importance of reveling in your own genderful truth and tapping into your spectrum of individuality.

Accordingly, this scent is a mix of feminine jasmine petals and masculine musks steeped in an abundant bouquet of pomelo, saffron and sacred resinous olibanum. The fragility of the co-extracted jasmine flower stands in contrast with the temerity of its presence, enhancing the complexity of the top and middle floral notes. Ambrox Super, an innovative ingredient from one of our fragrance partners, Firmenich, delivers a muscular accord of musky and woody tonalities. Joining the Pomelo top notes is Lemon Supima Fiore, considered to be the very best lemon varietal in the world. Hand picked at the first flower, this ingredient gives a fresh sparkle and a lift of effervescence.

It’s all about transcending the expectations of others to play by your own set of rules — or throw them out the window altogether. 

Identity is never singular — scent accordingly.



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