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ALEX NEWELL has talents that are as layered as their personality.  As the luminary for the Damasque candle, the actor and singer represents the values of self-love, our take on the color red in the PRIDE flag.  Beyond gender inclusion and body positivity, ALEX shares that self-love is a touchable dream, within all our grasps.

How do you view identity and creative expression as fluid both in your work and personal life? 

To me they are the same thing. Art is inspired by life and life is inspired by art. You are your own surroundings. 

When putting together one of your signature looks, how do you combine elements of the masculine and feminine spectrum?  

I think I truly just ignore what's ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’. A t-shirt can be masculine and it can be feminine as well. I wear what I want and what I feel good in, and I guess that’s how the elements end up combined.

How does gender expression, sexuality, race, and identity manifest themselves in your music and acting? 

I am quite literally being myself the entire time. My focus is on being a human and who I am in real life and relating to others when it comes to portraying things aren’t physical attributes. I am who I am and if I am acting as another person, I take pieces of other people or experiences to create that character. But being my genuine self and bringing my experiences is how I manifest things in every field, whether it be singing or acting. 

As someone who is fluid, do you imagine a world where all gender expressions both internal and external are not questioned or needed to be explained?  Are we headed toward a full spectrum gendeful future? 

I do think we are heading towards a brighter future where people aren't going to judge others by their gender. I think we will continue on the right path as long as people are being educated, and are willing to be educated and accepting of more than they are used to.  

You’ve been an outspoken advocate of body positivity, making it very clear that all sizes are sexy.  That being said, what does the Damasque candle and its mantra “Touchable Dream” mean to you?  What message do you have for others who are struggling to have a positive self image? 

While I believe all bodies are beautiful, it is self-love that needs to come first 100% of the time. Truly. And self love is something that is attainable and is a touchable dream. And if you can touch it, you can achieve it. 

As an LGBTQ+ individual, what has PRIDE historically represented for you and how is that shifting in the face of the pandemic? 

Pride this year during a pandemic has shifted because we have gone back to the root of what pride means. The community is coming together in adversity. We are banding together from all over the world, wherever you are, for the greater good, and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Recognizing the civil injustices impacting communities of color, particularly those in the LGBTQ community, how do you choose to use your voice for positive change? 

I am choosing to talk about the stuff that is hard, things that most people aren’t going to talk about. I'm calling out things that are not so great within the community right now so people can acknowledge the problems we have and we can come together and change to fix them. I am being bold but I am doing it from a place of love.

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