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Our Brand Values

  • Genderfulness

    A unique oval emblem that represents "Genderfulness," based on a key and keyhole concept.

    Why be less when you can be more? Boy Smells celebrates the complexities of modern identity with products that channel masculine and feminine together.  By rejecting expectations embedded in the social fabric, we access our true power from wherever we find it.  This journey is supported by the products we use every day.  The term ‘GENDERFUL,’ is a celebration of our boundless identities, acknowledging that they are not a static destination but always-unfolding journeys of self-discovery.

  • Hypernature

    A unique oval emblem that represents "Hypernature," based on lightning and nature motif.

    PIMPING NATURE – Boy Smells creates innovatively. Scents like Cinderose, a union of rose and smoke, and Gardener, a compilation of tomato vine and honeysuckle, wrap traditionally masculine scents in pretty bouquets. Hypernature defines Boy Smells aesthetic as much as its core philosophy to conceive and develop products, always combining the best of mother nature with the most radical innovations in science and technology.

  • Ritual of Closeness

    A unique double overlapping oval emblem that represents "Ritual of Closeness," based on self-care, but also self-connection.

    THE NEW SELF-DEFINING SELF-CARE — Conceived beyond the binary by mixing traditionally masculine and feminine scent notes together, Boy Smells elevates your self-care routine into rituals of self exploration. Recontextualizing scent to reflect modern identities, stands to help you step outside of outdated constructs and take ownership of your own "hypernature" — accessing your truest and most mighty self.

  • Responsibility

    A unique oval emblem with scalloped edges at the top and curling lines at the base that represents "Responsibility," a motif on foliage, florals, stems and roots.

    BE AGENTS OF CHANGE — Boy Smells is deeply committed to social and ethical responsibility.  We donate to a variety of charitable organizations that reflect our inclusive values, most notably with our yearly collaboration with The Trevor Project.  When developing our products, we are guided by the highest standards of cleanliness and sustainability, from product formulation to the consumption of shipping materials. Each component of our packaging is fully recyclable, using only soy-based ink and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers.